September 28, 2008

Remember what is most important…/ The light of optimism/ Stay away from the unwanted sound

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Remember what is most important…

It’s not having everything go right;

it’s facing whatever goes wrong.

It’s not being without fear;

it’s having the determination

to go on in spite of it.

Remember that every day ends

and brings a new tomorrow.

Love what you do,

do the best you can,

and always remember

how much you are loved.

~ Vickie M. Worsham


The light of optimism

Sometimes we learn the hard way that it does not pay to get discouraged.

Positive Thinking is an intellectual choice, and by keeping our eyes focused

On the light of optimism, we can restore faith in ourselves and stay clear of the  shadows.

Stay away from the unwanted sound

They come as and when they like,

there’s no way you can stop them unless you cover your ears.

The frequency vibrates and travels through in all directions.

High and low they go,

fast and slow they go.

You just want peace and quiet to stay in that little corner of yours.

You have to break it through and stay away from the unwanted sound to do and enjoy what you really like.

It’s not as though you’re gonna commit a crime,

you just want to think and feel to experience this journey on your own.

So stay away from the unwanted sound that rings in your ears…


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