December 21, 2009

What is to believe…

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Will things be the same as always? As always no improvement, no change, mono tone, no “feel”, not fresh, BORING!, the list just goes on and on.

It’s just how funny we are able to turn things round and round, twist and turn.

Words are such incredible things that you can manipulate in different form, the way you use them to be destructive or be it good~ 

Original and what’s not. How strong are you in keeping what you believe in and not let others affect you or persuade you… It’s all in the mind? Think again…


December 1, 2009

Seasons greeting!

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I will use these arms of mine to wrap you with the warmth needed for this Christmas. Please do accept them gently with your cold shivery body, that’s worn out from different things that you faced. Let all your guards down and enjoy yourself for this Christmas, the new year that will step foot to your life. You shall embark on a new journey, with new experiences and new challenges ahead. So look forward for it and you never know what’s up for grabs after you receive your Christmas presents and new year wishes.

November 27, 2009


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“what will be will be, the future’s not us to see, oh Sarah, Sarah..” OH well, WHat meant to be will be, if it’s not meant to be it will not collide… Even parallel lines will meet at the water fountain that’s round…

No point forcing it, as long as you did your best. I did my best in that, so no regrets.. I showed that I mean it… One hand doesn’t give a clap.. When you lose something, you gain sth else in another way..

So smile, coz today’s a holiday. Hang out while you still can, coz you can’t see the future but the present you can create those memories that make life great as for now.. =) Cheers!

November 4, 2009


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I start to like this singer too as my colleague Liwen like his songs. This song is different from his “Heartbreaker” and “Breathe”. This kind of dreamy feeling is kinda nice. =)

SS501 back with new song. Kim Hyun Joong looks different with shorter hair, manly touch as compared to his previous style. “Rebirth” for him. I think I need a rebirth too, I need to gain back all the energy. Like some plants die off and rebirth from the ground.



October 26, 2009


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I don’t need a lot of money. I just need what’s enough. Living is not just all about reality, if everything is just that. Then you are not living your life but reality lives your life. Is media stuff all about reality? Or should I say create wonders for somethings or even create a dream that keep you living? A life without dreams, walking around and work so hard in order to survive in a harsh environment. Survival of the fittest? The weakest die off? 

What to believe and what not to. Is weak really weak? Is strong really strong? Stereotype, is how people perceive things? Can you really judge just by that short period of time? What’s what? We question, sometimes we get answers, sometimes we are left clueless. People making people, catalyst and those who have change by them… 

I know that I can always rely on music. Just reveal what’s truthful and how you feel at that moment. GYABOOOOO~~~! Dare to dream and dream big.

August 8, 2009

What to believe?

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When will things get better? OR shall I say to let things get better won’t be easy? OR put it in other words, it’s the way you look at it? Fairytales are not true, they just make u feel better in a way. It’s like wearing on a mask.. What a world? When some things gets better, some things just get worst. Just like how the see-saw goes. One goes up and the other goes down.

The faith keeps us going. At times, you just don’t know what to believe? SO what really keeps us going is the drive to achieve something… what goes up must come down, that’s gravity. Why can’t things be like in the outer space. Where things float to different parts. Where there’s no limitations…

July 21, 2009

I try to accommodate but I get tired of it too…

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I’m really tired. I know workforce, there will be even worst comments being made and such. Secondary I’ve already faced that kind of shit. How does it feel to get it from your friends or family members? I don’t give a damn about it if it comes from others, other than friends or family members.

But it really feel worst if it’s coming from the one that you care and love. Give me a break. Can’t we be nicer to each other other than keep asking about the problems that we can’t solve it at first hand. We need to give a little more time to get things over and done with. There’s always up and down. 

I’m really pissed and sick of it. Once a person is late is deem to be late for the rest of his or her life? Once a criminal always a criminal? People are so stereotypical, judge people this and that. Will you just get alive for once? Ok, even so. To a certain extend will you? I’m early so what? They just think that it’s only for this time. Are you so perfect that you don’t make a mistake? I endure with it but don’t climb over my head and piss on it. Can’t you be a little nicer with your words? 

June 29, 2009

We are bless in our own ways… No change? Think again..

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Some things are beyond our control though we want it so bad that things would work out. Who would want to see an ugly outcome, ugly truth, ugly side of reality? You envy people with new clothes, cool and chic hairstyle, wild funky hair colours, good living life style, this and that, the list just goes on and on..

Living in a modern life style, people has become to rely on materials a lot more as compared to the past. People seek to look out for living in a comfortable life, well respected status, well paid jobs. Higher demands in different aspects. Count yourself bless with a healthy body that some people lack of, yet they are the ones who live their life having the courage to go on.

Living in a place that is peaceful and well equip, we forget what we should cherish.. Looking what’s happening in other places, count yourself bless… Essences of life? 


Is there absolute truth or even absolute thing that will not change? Habits don’t change? A leopard never changes its spots? Is that really true? Things are ever so changing, is there something that doesn’t change? Natural? Even nature is changing as years go by. When one is repeating a pattern for a certain period of time, does that mean that that pattern would repeat? Prove you wrong. Everyone is capable of improving, it’s up to the person to change. The greatest form of help is to help oneself.

Assumption kills. You assume that to happen, that something happen, coz you expect it to happen? You thought to yourself, “ah ya, that person expected la, expected to be late…” Think again, you think that your assumption will be full proof? That’s just purely self-assumption.

If life is full of assumptions will there be real truth or a deeper insights to things? If life is full of assumptions would it be a dead world, so dead that you find that it’s so shallow and no depth? Think again… It’s just a matter of time…

*Time, effort and get it going. You know what you should do, I don’t want to hurry you but have some sense of urgency…* =) Work it… 

” Everyone say it’s tiring to be a human, so do I.

Must put on fake hair, put on a mask, put on a specs, wear a smile on your face.

Wear a bra/singlet, wear a shirt/blouse, wear a jacket,

wear underwear/panties, wear pants/skirt, wear a belt,

wear socks, wear shoes and finally tie shoe laces,

everyday is the same, until you reach heaven.”  -Jimmy’s picture book (Listen to Jimmy sings)


Living with a meaning to it.

Travel is good… 


June 14, 2009

Sometimes you wonder…

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How does it feel? The kind of shitty feeling just sucks. When thing starts to pick up and seems to be smooth sailing, you find yourself suck in a sticky situation or just feel so little, things aren’t going the way you want it to be. When you have too much of a good things at once, the bad awaits for you, hiding in one corner and take you off guard. Just part of life… “They spun a web for you”

On a side note i hope Hui Yun and Pei Fen like the card that I’ve spent time doing it. =) Happy birthdays and good health! Smile always! =)

May 20, 2009

Stereotype, judgmental -> Is it what is it? skeptic, doubt things but they question and find out.

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The powerful thing about mouth spreading information cannot be doubt, beyond your wildest dream, things being blow up to an extend that blast your mind. When you wanna say something, think is the word. Who don’t like to listen to nice things? You like listening to mean and nasty stuff about yourself? I think you be crying and running back home to your parents’ arm, at least some people got family whom they can lean on. What about those who don’t have a pleasant taste of family? They don’t have anyone to lean on but themselves.


Who are you or what right do you have to make someone sad? You wanna be that person? You tell me. We are all human, must we do shitty stuff to hurt one another? So what we are different in some ways but we are still the same species right? Must you hurt your kind? Judge people by their looks, their clothing, the way they speak and all. How do you like people to judge you? If you don’t want others to do that to you, first don’t do what you don’t like to be done on you to others. Human rights yo! To know someone you need long time and you need to spend time to know that person. Everyone got their own taboo, be sure you don’t trample on it like, it’s nothing. 


Keep quiet means the person don’t want to quarrel with you. Don’t be too much as to make things worst for the person and even for yourself. People learn from their mistakes, who don’t make mistakes? That’s why we learn and move on. Become stronger in life. The mistake that one makes, doesn’t equate to one will commit that mistake over and over again. Friends forgive and forget. But one don’t take the extra mile for making that stupid mouth talk senseless things.

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